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The Canada School of Public Service was created on April 1, 2004, when the legislative provisions of Part IV of the Public Service Modernization Act came into force. The School has been part of the Treasury Board Portfolio since July 2004. It was created from an amalgamation of the following three organizations: the Canadian Centre for Management Development, Training and Development Canada and Language Training Canada. (Canada School of Public Service Act)

Corporate information

Under the Canada School of Public Service Act , the School, as a departmental corporation, is mandated to:

  • encourage pride and excellence in the public service;
  • foster a common sense of the purposes, values and traditions of the public service;
  • support the growth and development of public servants;
  • help ensure that public servants have the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to do their jobs effectively;
  • assist deputy heads in meeting the learning needs of their organization; and
  • pursue excellence in public management.


Learning publications

The School provides access to a large selection of learning publications, covering a wide variety of subjects such as management techniques, policy development, planning, leadership and governance.

The publications aim to develop and nurture the strengths of public servants through smart practices, innovative behaviours, valuable experiences and thoughts of distinguished speakers. They can help you make a difference in your organization.


On April 1, 2004, amendments to the Canadian Centre for Management Development Act were proclaimed. Among other things, these amendments changed the name of the organization to the Canada School of Public Service. Under the amended legislation, now entitled the Canada School of Public Service Act, the School is a continuation of the former organization, with an expanded mandate.

Note: Some corporate documents referring to the former Canadian Centre for Management Development are included on the School's Web site as historical background.

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