ConnEXion Community: A new leadership development initiative for executives at the EX-02 and EX-03 levels

ConnEXion Community

A new leadership development initiative for executives at the EX-02 and EX-03 levels

The ConnEXion Community is designed for public service executives at the EX-02 and EX-03 levels, or equivalent, to help them expand their influence and master their leadership skills in today's ever changing and networked world.

Joining this community will allow you to learn about your own leadership strengths and develop your skills to lead the transformation of your organization.


Why should you join the ConnEXion Community? Participants enjoy the following benefits:

  • a personalized learning path based on individual needs
  • flexibility in scheduling
  • just-in-time learning events
  • access to a closed virtual campus
  • rebates on certain learning activities

The ConnEXion Community also provides an opportunity for participants to

  • learn about their own leadership strengths and areas for development;
  • maximize their ability to lead a skillful, adaptable and resilient public service into the future;
  • master organizational and contextual leadership skills; and
  • learn from the experience of experts in the field of leadership from all sectors (academic, private, provincial).

ConnEXion packages

ConnEXion Plus

Cost: $4,500

This 18-month learning package includes:

ConnEXion Core

Cost: $3,500

This 18-month learning package includes:

  • a 3-day course: Leading in Your Organization
  • a 2-day course: Organizational Management
  • access to a closed virtual campus on GCconnex
  • networking sessions
  • 15% off additional ConnEXion courses and special events
  • a certificate of completion

ConnEXion suite of courses, events and services

Core courses (included in both learning packages)

Elective courses

The following courses will be offered in winter and spring 2014.

Stream 1: Managing with Business Acumen

Stream 2: Bridging from Strategic Thinking to Implementation

  • Canada in the World: An Introduction (G205) | 1 day
  • How Washington Really Works for Senior Executives (Z131) | 2 days
  • Leading in the Global Arena | 2 days

Stream 3: Change and Transformation

Stream 4: Inspiring and Motivating People

Special events

Coaching services

The following services are also available as part of your ConnEXion Plus package or at an extra cost:

Coming soon!

We are currently developing additional learning activities based on the following themes:

  • Global awareness
  • Governance
  • Social media
  • Using technology
  • Leading policy development

Sign up to our e-Updates to find out when new courses and offerings become available.


The ConnEXion Community is open to directors general and executive directors in the federal public service at an EX-02 and EX-03 level, or equivalent.

To obtain a copy of the application form, contact the ConnEXion Community Administrator.

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