The School's leadership programs are your connection to the community of leaders across the public service. They address your needs as a leader, focusing on your ability to lead, engage and coach colleagues.

  • ileadership
    For aspiring managers at the EX minus 3 and EX minus 4 levels.
  • Direxion
    For aspiring executives at the EX minus 1 and EX minus 2 levels.
  • ConnEXion Community
    For executives at the EX‑02 and EX‑03 levels or equivalent.

For more information, please consult the Upcoming Cohorts section of each program listed above.



The School offers various international leadership learning opportunities. Through these programs and courses, participants will gain new insights and widen their international perspective, which will enhance the global mindset of the Public Service of Canada.

  • How Washington Really Works for Senior Executives (Z131)
    This custom designed course outlines how the U.S. political, legislative and regulatory systems work, in order to better prepare participants to advance Canadian interests from the perspective of Associate Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers and Deputy Ministers. Participants will explore the various facets of the U.S. governance structure and learn how to work with decision-makers in Washington, D.C. (Delivery in Washington, D.C. – 2.5 days)


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Photograph of two parents and two young kidsDiscover My Benefits

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Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act

Protecting Canadians from Online Crime ActProtecting Canadians from Online Crime Act

New law helps protect young Canadians from cyberbullying

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