Retired Courses

The courses below are no longer offered at the School. Where possible, replacement courses have been suggested.

Note: Some courses may continue to be offered to departments and agencies via Memoranda of Understanding, on an as-needed basis. Please contact the Client Contact Centre for more information.

List last updated: January 15, 2014

Course TitleCourse CodeDate RetiredSuggested Replacement(s)
Independent Project Review: Methodology and ApproachI735November 2013N/A
Roles and Accountabilities of Boards and Board MembersZ129July 2013 Z156
Understanding the Government Environment and its Impact on Crown CorporationsZ115July 2013Z156
Engaging Citizens, Partners and StakeholdersZ119May 2013N/A
Designing Learning ActivitiesC706May 2013N/A
Assessing Internal Controls A706March 31, 2013N/A
Professional Writing for Internal Auditors A708March 31, 2013Writing in Clear and Concise Language (T008)

Writing Reports Strategically (T015)

Accounting 101: An Introduction F099March 31, 2013Accounting and Control of Expenditures (F601)

Orientation to Financial Management (F007)

Developing Work Plans and Budgets F706March 31, 2013For supervisors and managers:
Fundamentals of Budget Formulation and Control (F002)

For finance specialists:
Government Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Evaluation Cycle (F112)

For managers and senior managers:
Managing Public Funds (G243)

Managing Employee Performance: an Interactive Expert Panel DiscussionG130December 2012Fostering a Culture of High Performance (G215)

Managing Employee Performance Issues (G132)

Managing Employee Performance Issues (G132)

How Washington Really WorksZ114December 2012How Washington Really Works (Z153)
Client Service and Communication for OC Advisors - Part IP913March 2012Service Excellence for Colleagues (T198)

Ethics for Internal AuditorsA707March 2012Leadership Through Values and Ethics (D102)

Values and Ethics Foundations for Employees (C255-2)Online Course

Fundamentals of Financial Management for Managers at INACF901March 2012 Government Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Evaluation Cycle (F112)

Financial Management Systems (F113)

Informal Discussion in the Appointment ProcessP107March 2012This subject is discussed in the following courses:

Staffing for Staffing Specialists - Part I (P801)

Staffing for Staffing Assistants (P803)

Client Service and Staffing (P210)

Staffing: A Resourcing Tool for Managers (P901)

Leading Diversity for Managers: Vision and ActionG114March 2012Leading a Diverse Workforce (D103)

Orientation and Integrated Planning: Understanding Your BusinessP200March 2012Integrated Planning in the Public Service: An Overview (T188)

Human Resources Planning (P702)

Introduction to Human Resources (P001)

Preparing for Interviews and Written Tests WorkshopB164March 2012Preparing for Selection Interviews (P609)

Writing an Effective Curriculum Vitae (B188)

Preparing for Exams and Interviews (B189)

Risk-Based Audit PlanningA704March 2012Introduction to Risk Management (C210)Online Course

Note: On March 31, 2012, the School ceased direct delivery of language training services; however, the School continues to offer more than 50 online language learning products, in addition to language training support to departments.

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