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What do you want from your career?

The Government of Canada's Policy on Learning, Training and Development states that you are responsible for acquiring and maintaining the knowledge, skills and competencies related to your position and for developing and pursuing a personal learning plan. The School helps you put that plan into action.

How to create a good learning plan

A personal learning plan is an agreement between you and your manager that enables you to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to improve your abilities in your job.

Start by assessing yourself against the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's key leadership competencies which will guide and clarify your learning needs and areas for improvement.

The next step is to have an open and meaningful dialogue with your manager. Through this discussion, learning objectives are set that serve to meet your learning needs as well as those of your organization.

Once your learning plan is finalized, you and your manager commit to allocating the time and resources to make your learning activities happen.

To be effective, your learning plan must take into account your individual learning style and preferences. When developing your learning plan, be creative. Many informal learning opportunities take place outside of the classroom.

What we offer

The School offers a variety of ways to find training opportunities that meet your needs:


A good learning plan:

The School's activities and initiatives



Just-in-time training to introduce you to Phoenix, the Government of Canada's new self-serve pay and benefits system



A vibrant learning environment available anytime and from anywhere.

Improve your language skills

Improve your language skills

Explore interactive online tools designed to improve oral and written comprehension and fluency in your second official language.

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