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In order to perform at work, you need to know the essentials of your job. The School offers required training to new public servants, functional specialists and managers at all levels. Required training will provide you with what you need to know to execute your duties successfully.

What we offer

The School offers required training courses specific to your role and function, including authority delegation training for managers and executives. If you have to participate in one of the required training activities, the School will invite you to register. For more information on required training and eligibility, please contact your department or agency's Required Training Coordinator.

New public servants

For more information, consult our list of frequently asked questions about Orientation to the Public Service.

Functional specialists (finance)

Financial management officers (FI-01 to FI-04) with less than five years of experience are required to complete the following courses within a specific timeframe and order as listed below. This timeframe was temporarily extended in fall 2011 to adapt to the current fiscal environment.

Three years:

Four years:

Functional specialists (procurement, materiel management or real property)

Functional specialists (information management)



Senior managers

Senior executives

Authority delegation training

The purpose of authority delegation training is to ensure that managers and executives understand their roles, responsibilities and basic delegated authorities in finance, human resources, information management and contracting; understand corporate policies and priorities and acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to meet legal requirements and exercise their delegated authorities competently.

If you are a new manager or executive, contact your department or agency's Required Training Coordinator.


If you have taken any of the authority delegation training courses (G110, G126, G226, G127 or G221) you must take the Authority Delegation Online Assessment to revalidate your knowledge every five years. 

For more information consult the Authority Delegation Frequently Asked Questions page.


Required training helps you:

  • acquire knowledge and competencies about the essentials of your job;
  • ensure your expertise is aligned with public service requirements;
  • develop an up-to-date skill set.

Get started

You can begin the process of registering for our courses directly through MyAccount. Please contact the Client Contact Centre to get your username and password.

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