A new learning application

A New Approach to Learning: What GCcampus Offers You


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Take charge of your own professional development

Come and explore GCcampus, the School's learning application, to discover a vibrant learning environment available anytime and from anywhere.

This new take on public service learning removes the traditional limitations on where, when and how you pursue training and development.

Learning is far from limited to the classroom. The School's learning products support you with practical, hands-on insight that you can apply in the workplace and a rich, diverse collection of resources—all at no cost to learners.

New Approach to Learning: What GCcampus Offers You
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    Self-Paced Online: Take interactive online courses at your own pace

    Online Resources: Explore additional multimedia references and features such as videos, blogs and readings

    Classroom: Gain insight from expert facilitators from the public, private and academic sectors—as well as your peers

    Virtual Classroom: Access learning from the convenience of your own workstation with all the benefits of an instructor's guidance

    Mobile Learning: Use your mobile device to make learning even more flexible and accessible

    Events, Workshops, Webcasts, Webinars: Attend timely special events on the topics that matter to the public service

    Performance Support / Job Aids: Access easy-to-use tools that help you carry out your everyday responsibilities

    Crowd/Social Learning: Learn from your peers across the public service through interactive venues like blogs and forums

To access everything the School has to offer, all you need are your login credentials for GCcampus.

Don't wait—explore GCcampus for a new experience in learning

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Just-in-time training to introduce you to Phoenix, the Government of Canada's new self-serve pay and benefits system



A vibrant learning environment available anytime and from anywhere.

Improve your language skills

Improve your language skills

Explore interactive online tools designed to improve oral and written comprehension and fluency in your second official language.

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