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GCcampus: The School's new learning application

GCcampus, the School's new learning application, has been officially launched to all public servant communities. Full article about GCcampus

Empowering young public servants: Special event with the Prime Minister

On June 13, National Public Service Week kicked off with an opportunity for employees across Canada to hear from the top levels of the public service and the government. Full article about a special event with the Prime Minister

Timeless principles meet the 21st century at the Manion Lecture

A prestigious annual event for 25 years, the Manion Lecture has continued to grow and innovate in 2016, balancing time-honoured experience with renewal and modernization. Full article about the Manion Lecture

Learn from experience. Learn from experts: Meet Wendy Ace

The common thread uniting the wide variety of courses that Wendy Ace teaches in the Atlantic region is that they delve into the big questions. Full article about Wendy Ace

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