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The coaching process allows participants to dig deep in order to learn more about themselves and make long-term changes in their lives, all the while improving the efficiency and performance of their organization. The School's professional coaching services provide the support, structure, resources and techniques that your organization needs to drive change, forge lasting relationships and improve leadership skills.

What we offer

  • Peer coaching group facilitation to address real, current challenges, acquire new perspectives and identify potential solutions.
  • Targeted interventions delivered on-site and customized to your organizational needs — for example, the Learning to Lead Peer Coaching Groups (L116) course can be tailored to your organization's needs through a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • 360-degree feedback engages supervisors, direct subordinates and peers to identify the specific strengths of managers and senior managers as well as the challenges that they face.
  • A Taste of Coaching is a mini workshop delivered on-site so that your organization can experience the power and impact of coaching.
  • Intact team coaching designed to help your team achieve its full potential, maximize its performance and form strong relationships between members.

The School also offers the following courses and individual coaching services.


Our coaches are professionals who have graduated from programs recognized by the International Coach Federation, and they are certified in the full range of psychometric tools used in the School's leadership development programs. They are very familiar with the public service and know how to adapt their activities to the current realities of the public service.

Our coaching services are confidential and personalized. They enable participants to:

  • build on their strengths;
  • acquire the self-awareness, wisdom and practical skills needed to meet the current and future challenges facing the public service;
  • establish and stimulate leadership capacity;
  • build strong teams and sustain them long term;
  • support cultural change;
  • align learning outcomes with organizational goals.

Get started

Successful organizations give top priority to developing their people and providing them with the tools they need to continually grow and learn. Coaching is one of these tools.

If you are a director or manager and would like more information about our organizational services, contact the School's Departmental Client Services team:

Telephone: 819-953-7717

Individual learners should contact the Client Contact Centre. They can also send an e-mail to this address:

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