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Canada is respected around the world for its national governance structure. As the common learning provider for the Canadian public service, the School plays a strategic role in promoting the values, public policies, administrative systems and competencies that form the basis of public management, leadership and good governance.

Through our international services and programs, we have earned a solid reputation among public administrations and training institutions around the world for helping to spread best practices in leadership and public administration across the globe. By collaborating with other countries, we enrich our expertise and contribute to the development of leadership and good public governance for the benefit of our global community.

What we offer

International services

Based on its core expertise and capacity to mobilize resources and competencies, the School is actively engaged on the international scene, in the context of the following consultancy and learning activities:

  • Implementation of international development projects

    The School manages and implements multi-year projects that help advance the reform and development strategies of various countries, in the areas of training, leadership and public administration. In this context, we develop and implement methodologies for continuous coaching and organizational and professional development activities, which focus on the participation of partner countries, the transfer of skills and sustainable implementation of new ways of doing things.

  • Hosting of delegations

    The School hosts delegations from a wide range of countries interested in its continuous learning model and the practices of the Canadian public service. We organize exchange events where visitors can have discussions about topics of interest with School specialists and public service practitioners, in a friendly and open context.

  • International training agreements

    The School offers foreign governments, via bilateral agreements, its various courses and services related to public administration and other areas such as training, development, coaching and leadership.

International programs

The School offers various international leadership learning opportunities. Through these programs and courses, participants gain new insights and widen their international perspective, which enhances the global mindset of the Canadian public service.

This custom designed course outlines how the U.S. political, legislative and regulatory systems work, in order to better prepare participants to advance Canadian interests from the perspective of associate deputy ministers, assistant deputy ministers and deputy ministers. Participants will explore the various facets of the U.S. governance structure and learn how to work with decision-makers in Washington D.C. (Delivered in Washington D.C. – 2.5 days)

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If you are a director or manager and would like more information about our organizational services, contact the School's Departmental Client Services team:

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Individual learners should contact the Client Contact Centre.

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Creating a Respectful Workplace: Online Self-paced (G417)

Creating a Respectful Workplace: Online Self-paced (G417)

Learn about disrespectful behaviour, harassment and violence; understand what factors risk generating conflict; and gain tools for resolving such issues in the workplace.

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