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The School supports the learning of official languages and the maintenance of language skills by public servants across the country. It also contributes to the creation of a culture of bilingualism within the public service, which, in turn, results in better service to Canadians.

What we offer

Language learning plans

The School develops language learning plans for departments and agencies that request them for their employees. These plans provide information that helps departments and agencies improve their organizational and financial planning for language training. It is beneficial for organizations to produce as many learning plans as possible because it gives them a good overview of their internal second language training needs and allows them to establish a coherent language training strategy.

Language learning plans recommend a starting lesson based on the School's training program, the learning pace that best suits the employee's needs and the estimated training time required to achieve the desired second language level.

Online language training products and tools

The School offers many online self-assessment and learning tools in French and English that can help employees improve or maintain their language skills. Our catalogue of more than 50 online language learning products includes self-directed evaluation simulations and interactive tools designed to improve reading and oral comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, writing skills and comfort in the second official language.

Development of language training programs

The School develops language training programs for departments, language schools and other external suppliers who provide language training. Our programs allow employees to acquire skills in written and oral expression and reading comprehension at the A, B and C levels, in both official languages. Adapted to a variety of learning styles, the programs include self-learning activities and classroom courses.

Research and collaboration with departments and language schools

The School works in collaboration with federal departments and agencies to identify their language learning needs. The School also conducts research in the following areas: language learning and associated technologies as well as adapted learning. In addition, the School develops innovative methods for teaching and learning a second language, which it shares with language schools and other external suppliers.

Quality assurance of training provided by external providers

The School is the technical authority for the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) standing offers in the National Capital Region and the contracts that the School manages in other regions. The School assures the quality of training offered by pre-qualified external providers in the following ways:

  • service providers are selected according to predetermined criteria;
  • teachers and educational advisors must meet specific education and experience criteria;
  • teachers and educational advisors are required to take a training course offered by the School;
  • the training provided must take the employee's language learning plan into consideration;
  • tools are developed and made available to suppliers to help them assess and monitor the progress of every learner and help them overcome difficulties;
  • departments and agencies are informed of their employees' progress through regular reports.

In collaboration with PWGSC, the School is working to implement a national procurement strategy for language training services that would involve a new standing offer in order to meet training needs.

Get started

If you are a director or manager and would like more information about our organizational services, contact the School's Departmental Client Services team:

Telephone: 819-953-7717

Individual learners should contact the Client Contact Centre.

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Improve your language skills

Improve your language skills

Explore interactive online tools designed to improve oral and written comprehension and fluency in your second official language.

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