Integrated Learning Management System (I-LMS): Privacy Impact Assessment Summary

In 2008, the Canada School of Public Service (the School) received Effective Project Approval (EPA) to replace its legacy systems and all of their functionality with an application known as the Integrated Learning Management System (I-LMS). The I-LMS creates a single infrastructure to sustain the management and administration of learning. It automates most of the business processes needed to run a school: course registrations, course scheduling, student assessments, results reporting, and financial reconciliation.

The I-LMS is populated with data migrated from the existing legacy systems. This includes the personal information of everyone who has registered for a course with the School, either directly or indirectly. One new data element was added: the I-LMS assigns a unique student number to each learner, in order to improve data integrity and enhance the School's reporting capability.

The personal information of each learner will be consolidated in a single record called the Employee Learner Profile (ELP). It will contain information such as the learner's first and last name, Personal Record Identifier (PRI), or Regimental or Service Number, sponsoring department, and learning history.

The I-LMS Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) evaluated the extent to which the planned implementation of the I-LMS complied with the privacy policy requirements of Treasury Board and the legislated obligations set out in the Privacy Act. The I-LMS Privacy Management Framework, developed in 2009, the Privacy Act, Treasury Board privacy policies, and generally accepted privacy principles were used to guide the assessment.

The School has developed an Action Plan to address the opportunities identified in the PIA to strengthen privacy practices.

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