Managing Employee Performance Issues (G132)


Type: Classroom
Duration: 07:30 hours

Managers must be equipped to deal confidently with unsatisfactory performance. This course examines a range of practical tools, skills and techniques designed to help managers carry out positive employee performance management, as well as options for addressing culpable and non-culpable performance issues. Participants will familiarize themselves with the performance management cycle, and learn how to assess performance and conduct performance interviews.

Topics include:

  • identifying performance issues
  • providing effective feedback
  • conducting a performance interview
  • distinguishing between culpable and non-culpable behaviours
  • using a performance management decision-making process
More about this course
  • Topics: Human resources; Talent management; Leadership
  • Community: Supervisors; Managers
  • Business line: Respectful and Inclusive Workplace
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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