Access to Information in the Government of Canada (I701)


Type: Classroom
Duration: 07:30 hours

To carry out their responsibilities with respect to the public's right to information, federal employees who process requests for information must be familiar with the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act and how they are applied. This course provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of public servants in processing access to information and privacy (ATIP) requests as well as how to apply the most common exemptions and exclusions. Participants will learn how to process access to information and privacy requests and provide recommendations on and rationales for disclosure.

Topics include:

  • ATIP roles and responsibilities
  • exemptions and exclusions
  • ATIP-related jurisprudence


The course Fundamentals of Access to Information and Privacy (I015) is a prerequisite for this learning activity.

More about this course
  • Topics: Information management
  • Community: Employees; Functional specialists
  • Audience: Information Management specialists
  • Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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