Difficult People: Why They Act That Way and How to Deal with Them (W018)


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Duration: 00:30 hours

Any human behaviour taken to an extreme can be a liability. While confident, cautious or energetic people can be perfectly tolerable in small doses, they can also be annoying or problematic when their behaviour is over the top. Then again, some people are just plain negative—their glass is always half empty. While occasional griping is endurable, constant negativity can wear you down.

All sorts of situational and personal circumstances can make a somewhat difficult person into an extremely difficult person in no time. Certain situations trigger extreme behaviours that might otherwise be moderate. Your own emotional state might make your tolerance of extreme behaviour low.

This course will help you recognize the characteristics of different types of difficult people and respond effectively by understanding the motivations underpinning their behaviour. You will acquire strategies for dealing with behaviour that is:

  • dominant or controlling
  • analytical or obsessive
  • expressive or impulsive
  • skeptical or negative


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More about this course
  • Topics: Government priorities; Respectful and inclusive workplace; Personal development; Personal and team development
  • Community: Employees; Supervisors; Managers; Executives; Directors
  • Business line: Respectful and Inclusive Workplace
  • Provider: Skillsoft

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Self-pacedDifficult People: Why They Act That Way and How to Deal with Them (W018)OnlineOnlineEnglish



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