Directors General Program

The Directors General Program provides a platform of learning activities for both newly promoted and experienced directors general. The program leverages the collective strengths of the director general community and the support of senior leaders, and focuses on building personal strategies to navigate the current and evolving context of a director general in the public service.

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About the program

The Directors General Program includes two parts:

  1. Directors general orientation (2 days)
  2. Elective learning activities for all directors general

In this program, you will:

The Directors general orientation helps you better understand your new role and what is expected of you at this level, including delivering results in a complex and dynamic environment. We can help you prepare to meet this challenge.

Learn how to enhance your decision-making processes by leveraging the experience of your peers, senior leaders and subject matter experts.

Part 1: Directors general orientation (in-class)

As a director general, you are uniquely positioned to understand the strategic dimensions of a goal and its front-line intricacies; you can therefore lead the way in implementing changes that have a positive impact on the lives of Canadians.

Using and sharing personal workplace challenges, this course offers a broad perspective on the operating context of a director general. You will focus on reframing your key issues by concentrating on behaviours that have a maximum impact on your leadership and decision making. You will get a system-based view of workplace challenges and identify the leverage points needed to tackle them, developing a concrete plan to work toward multiple solutions. You will also learn from experienced senior leaders who will share their knowledge and help you clarify your role and expectations.

Over the course of the 2 days, you will:

  • reconcile senior leaders' expectations and clarify your role
  • gain a broad perspective on the context of a director general's working environment, spanning boundaries across teams and organizations to optimize judgment and make effective decisions
  • reframe top-of-mind issues and key challenges with a commitment toward action
  • focus on action learning and accountability to peers for feedback
  • acquire a whole-of-government view of your workplace challenges and identify the leverage points needed to tackle the issue
  • crystalize your workplace challenges and develop a concrete plan to work toward various solutions
  • build and foster productive collaborative networks and relationships
  • develop a supporting network of colleagues to effect change at the enterprise level within the public service

Part 2: Elective learning activities for all directors general

A series of activities and resources that support your continued development are available to the director general community. You can register for the online events and workshops that suit your self-defined personal learning plan. These activities are offered in the ongoing Executive Series (delivered under the Transformation Curriculum agenda) and through other learning events. Topics align with the priorities of the Clerk and Government of Canada.

Previously recorded events are listed in the GCcampus catalogue.


To qualify, you must be one of the following:


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How to register

To register, contact your Required Training or Learning Coordinator in order to be assigned to the Directors General Orientation Certification. The School's Learning Management System will then send you an email requesting you to call our Client Contact Centre to register for the dates that accommodate your schedule.

Frequently asked questions

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