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Peer Coaching Groups for Executives (E831)


Type: Virtual classroom
Duration: 14:00 hours
Status: Active

Peer coaching groups offer an open and collaborative way to bring peers together to explore specific work-related challenges while providing coaching support to one another. This course provides the executive community with an opportunity to practice coaching techniques such as active listening, being fully present and asking powerful questions, all towards helping their colleagues find clarity in the face of a professional challenge. Participants will gain new insights into confidently participating in a peer coaching group and will emerge with a strengthened capacity to listen to others and a deeper understanding of themselves as executive leaders.

Topics include:

  • exploring the principles and practices of effective peer coaching
  • identifying actions that can lead to the resolution of a specific challenge
  • applying the GROW Model for coaching
  • actively listening and asking powerful questions


This course is reserved for participants at the EX-01 to EX-03 levels. Each peer coaching group consists of six participants. All participants must attend the six 2-hour group sessions, which will take place once a month on pre-scheduled dates. Each session will be facilitated by a certified coach. Participants must also complete 2 hours of pre-course assignments, and participate in a 2-hour closing session, for a total commitment of 16 hours.

In each of the six sessions, a different executive is coached by the other members of the group. This way, each participant can benefit from peer coaching and individual self-reflection, gain insight into their professional challenge and identify the specific actions they need to complete prior to the next session. Time is allocated at the following sessions for review of the action items and lessons learned. By the end of the six sessions, each participant will have new ideas and practical solutions for how to move forward to address their specific work-related challenge.

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More about this course
  • Topics: Personal and team development
  • Community: Directors; Directors General
  • Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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October 20, 2021Peer Coaching Groups for Executives (E831)Virtual classroomVirtual EST / Virtuelle HNEEnglish
November 3, 2021Peer Coaching Groups for Executives (E831)Virtual classroomVirtual EST / Virtuelle HNEFrench
January 27, 2022Peer Coaching Groups for Executives (E831)Virtual classroomNational Capital Region (NCR)French


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