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Cultural Competency: Indigenous Perspectives (K106)


Type: Virtual classroom
Duration: 12:00 hours
Status: Active

Cultural competency is essential for public servants, whether it is to better deliver services to Canadians or to strengthen respectful and inclusive teams and workplaces. This course is designed to help employees develop cultural competencies to build positive and respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples in a public service context. Participants will identify their respective biases and values, reflect on their own culture, and gain a unique understanding of diverse Indigenous cultures and perspectives.

Topics include:

  • understanding prejudices, biases and discrimination
  • reflecting on values
  • exploring worldviews
  • describing intergenerational trauma and its impact on Indigenous Peoples
  • building cultural competency


This course is presented through eight learning modules: (1) Cultural Self-Reflection, (2) Defining Biases and Unconscious Biases, (3) The Importance of Values, (4) Diversified Worldviews, (5) Intergenerational Trauma, (6) Elder Talk, (7) Activism and Healing, and (8) Building Cultural Competency. Participants should review their self-reflection journals from K099 and K100 in preparation for the course. Participants will also be asked to complete some pre-work before each session. This may consist of watching a video, reading an article or reflecting on a topic to discuss as a group.

Some of the topics in this course may provoke an emotional response. These discussions are not intended to hurt or harm, but rather are intended to provide context and to raise awareness about the importance of cultural competency. If you require support as you work through the material, please reach out to someone you trust or take breaks when needed.

This course is delivered through four separate sessions of 3 hours each, for a total of 12 hours to occur during the same week.


Prior to registering for this course, you must complete the following courses in the A Journey Towards Reconciliation: Canada Through a New Lens series:

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More about this course
  • Topics: Government priorities; Personal development
  • Community: Employees; Managers; Supervisors
  • Business line: Indigenous Learning
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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December 13, 2021Cultural Competency: Indigenous Perspectives (K106)Virtual classroomVirtual EST / Virtuelle HNEEnglish
January 17, 2022Cultural Competency: Indigenous Perspectives (K106)Virtual classroomVirtual EST / Virtuelle HNEEnglish


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