Digital Fellows

The Canada School of Public Service's Digital Fellowship aims to bring together a multi-disciplinary community of leaders to help develop and steer the Digital Academy's learning programs. This will help ensure the academy's work meets the government's needs, and showcases the Government of Canada's most forward-looking projects and organizations.

Digital Fellows and the academy’s learners will be at the forefront of the public service’s adaptation to continuous disruption; in how we understand citizens’ needs and meet their rising expectations for service and engagement.

Fellows within the Government of Canada will be joined by colleagues representing the multi-disciplinary digital community from across Canadian sectors.

Digital Fellows will:


Nasma Ahmed - Biography

Nasma Ahmed
Director, Digital Justice Lab
Expertise: Societal impacts of technology

LinkedIn: Nasma Ahmed

Aneeta Bains

Aneeta Bains
Partner, Deloitte
Expertise: Digital Government

LinkedIn: Aneeta Bains

Tim Bouma - Biography

Tim Bouma
Senior Policy Analyst, Identity Management, TBS-OCIO
Expertise: Disruptive Technologies

LinkedIn: Tim Bouma

Marc Brouillard - Biography

Marc Brouillard
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Government of Canada, TBS
Expertise: Digital Change

LinkedIn: Marc Brouillard

Christiana Cavazzoni

Christiana Cavazzoni
Director General, Data Strategy and Innovation, DND
Expertise: Digital Government

LinkedIn: Christiana Cavazzoni

Amanda Clarke - Biography

Amanda Clarke
Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University
Expertise: Digital government, data governance and civic technology

LinkedIn: Amanda Clarke

Pierre Desrochers - Biography

Pierre Desrochers
Director, Corporate Information Management, CIRNAC
Expertise: Artificial intelligence and data

LinkedIn: Pierre Desrochers

Nadia Diakun-Thibault - Biography

Nadia Diakun-Thibault
Senior Aviation Security Policy Advisor, Transport Canada
Expertise: Disruptive Technologies

LinkedIn: Nadia Diakun‑Thibault

Nourhan Hegazy - Biography

Nourhan Hegazy
Senior Design Researcher and Strategist, IRCC
Expertise: Design

LinkedIn: Nourhan Hegazy

Jesse Hirsh - Biography

Jesse Hirsh
Futurist, researcher, artist, and public speaker
Expertise: Disruptive technology, personal and organizational development

LinkedIn: Jesse Hirsh

Calvin Rodo - Biography

Calvin Rodo
Senior Advisor, ESDC
Expertise: Development

LinkedIn: Calvin Rodo

Julianna Rowsell - Biography

Julianna Rowsell
Accessibility and Inclusive Services Lead, CDS
Expertise: Inclusive Design (Accessibility)

LinkedIn: Julianna Rowsell

Jae-Jin Ryu - Biography

Jae-Jin Ryu
Manager, Data, IRCC
Expertise: Data Science

LinkedIn: Jae-Jin Ryu

Jutta Treviranus - Biography

Jutta Treviranus
Professor and Director Inclusive Design Research Centre at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University
Expertise: Inclusive design

LinkedIn: Jutta Treviranus



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