Learning in support of healthy workplaces

Learning in support of healthy workplaces

"The health and wellness of the Public Service are vital to the success of our organization and our ability to serve. We are at our best when we feel respected, supported and safe, and our minds and bodies are healthy."

Michael Wernick
Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet
Twenty-Fifth Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada

The Canada School of Public Service promotes healthy workplaces—a key government priority—through its online and in-class learning opportunities offered to federal public servants at every level.

With courses, job aids, videos and events, the School creates opportunities for public servants to better understand the importance and dynamics of healthy workplaces, public servants strategies for improving and maintaining their own mental health, and to take ownership of their role in supporting workplace well-being across the public service.

These learning opportunities address important topics such as mental health, disability management, accommodations, diversity and inclusion, values and ethics, effective communication and more.


Our courses cover a wide range of issues and topics related to workplace well-being, including values and ethics, creating a respectful workplace, occupational health and safety, and workplace accommodation. Moreover, our events continue to available resources, emphasizing engagement and resilience.


Specialists have access to a range of specialized courses that cover disability case management, conflict mediation, labour relations and change management.

Managers and supervisors

Workplace well-being is addressed through comprehensive courses and programs, and additional specialized professional-development courses and events.


Complemented by selected specialized events, the leadership courses and programs encourage executives to develop their sensitivity to the human and emotional dynamics of change, and their ability to empower positive change and engagement across their organizations.


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Training to introduce you to Phoenix, the Government of Canada's self-serve pay and benefits system.


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