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Register for the School's 2016 Manion Lecture

Join us on May 18 at this year's Manion Lecture for an inspiring evening with Mr. Dick Pound, one of Canada's most celebrated figures in international sport. Taking place in Ottawa at the Canadian Museum of History, this event—offered at no charge to learners—will also be available across the public service through a live webcast.

Mr. Pound will explore the challenge of managing ethical complexities as a leader. He will share examples from his own experience and how they have made him the leader he is today.

During his distinguished and varied career, Mr. Pound was involved in nearly all aspects of the Olympic Games, in roles ranging from athlete to executive. As one of the founders of the World Anti-Doping Agency and the organization's first president, Mr. Pound spearheaded the development of the rigorous Olympic drug-testing program and advocated for its adoption across major sports leagues worldwide.

Join Mr. Pound to reflect on the importance of professional codes of values and ethics, especially in organizations that serve the public. This conversation, launched by John Tait's landmark report 20 years ago, is still critical to the public service and its current and future leaders. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from an expert who has seen it play out on the international stage.

The Supervisor Development Program: ideal for new supervisors

A transition into supervisory responsibilities demands a whole new set of skills. The School's new Supervisor Development Program is here to help build them.

Training for supervisors begins with a self-paced, online course, Becoming a Supervisor: The Basics (G312), which covers the nuts and bolts of this important role. Available anytime and from anywhere through the School's learning application, this course is also open to aspiring supervisors as a professional development opportunity.

The Supervisor Development Program (G313) builds on this foundation with a three-day classroom session that new supervisors can benefit from. It explores key concepts in more depth, including leadership, communication, delegation and engagement. With an emphasis on people management, it offers a practical, hands-on approach to the essential functions of the supervisory role.

Ongoing performance management discussions make this the perfect time to add these courses to your learning plan or recommend them to your employees. Log in to the learning application for more information.

Learn from experience. Learn from experts: Meet Chi Nguyen

Chi Nguyen

As an advisor, manager, and acting director, Chi has achieved great success throughout her 18-year career in the public service. She has made significant contributions in many different departments. A large part of her career was with the Treasury Board Secretariat where she provided invaluable advice and recommendations to senior management.

Since joining the School, Chi quickly established herself as an effective instructor in both official languages, offering various courses in communications, policy, regulation and supervision.

Given the diversity of her courses, her audience comes from all levels of the public service. "It has varied from an assistant deputy minister who completed an introductory course to an accomplished and reputable astronaut who simply wanted to acquire new techniques to improve their communication skills."

Chi also understands that empathy is a vital ingredient in creating a high-performing public service that embraces change. "I encourage participants to use different lenses and perspectives so they can appreciate the work being done by their colleagues," Chi says. "I urge them to practice what they have learned or suggest joining a working group to see how things are done in a specific government context."

Recognizing the importance of horizontality and forging connections across organizational boundaries, Chi encourages her participants to learn from one another as much as possible. "I use a mixed approach where I stimulate discussions using a 'what if' format and brainstorming activities," she explains. "It's important to enhance the learning experience by encouraging learners to solicit stories from their classmates."

Chi's teaching style also draws on experiences outside of work. "I once had a yoga instructor who taught me that behind every project there are people. Understanding different perspectives from different groups of people would naturally lead to a very fun and productive environment." She adds that humour plays a major role in her style of teaching as well because it helps to "lighten or brighten" the learning journey.

This open approach to teaching is also useful when public servants show reservations with new learning environments. Many of them express concern that they will miss out on the opportunity to learn from their peers when moving from a classroom setting to an online or blended learning platform.

Chi strives to make this transition as smooth as possible, urging students to take the initiative and be open about any apprehensions they might have.

"I encourage students to set up their own communities of practice or join existing communities," she says, "and I welcome them to express either their reluctance or excitement to learn in a new environment."

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General Walter Natynczyk – Deputy Minister

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Blueprint 2020 National Student Paper Competition Public Choice Award voting sets a new record

Voting for the third annual Blueprint 2020 National Student Paper Competition Public Choice Award has set a new record with over 85,000 votes cast.

In February, a panel of judges selected ten semi-finalists from across Canada. Visit the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) website to read the top-ranked papers and watch short video presentations from each of the authors.

Master's students from across Canada were invited to prepare and submit research presenting practices or approaches that would assist the public service in implementing the initiatives outlined in the Destination 2020 report and ultimately realize the Blueprint 2020 vision. This initiative is one more step towards a capable and high-performing public service that embraces innovation, transformation and continuous renewal.

The Grand Prize Winner, who will be announced on the School's website in late April, will deliver a seminar at the School in Ottawa on 19 May.

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