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December 2015 – Special Bulletin

Special message from the Deputy Minister/President

A photo of Wilma Vreeswijk, Deputy Minister/President

The end of the year is a time to take stock and reflect—not just on how far we've come, but also on our goals for the year to come.

In this spirit, I'd like to offer you season's greetings and my warmest thanks as Deputy Minister and President of the Canada School of Public Service. It's been an exciting few months in this new role, and I know it's been an exciting year for learning.

We have all heard the call of senior leaders to build a culture of learning, a culture of excellence, in the public service—and together, we've made great progress. As learners, you've taken this message to heart; it's your passion and dedication that will make it a reality. Here at the School, your engagement and enthusiasm have inspired our work again and again.

Take the National Managers' Community Forum series, where the hard work and innovation of a small team snowballed into a community effort supported by volunteers and virtual engagement across Canada. Or the award-winning Career Boot Camp, where an interdepartmental team united hundreds of public servants across Canada in a single interconnected event. And that's just to name a couple of examples.

The School is here to support you in delivering the best possible service to Canadians. That means accessibility, flexibility and relevance. Allowing you to pursue the learning you need without worrying about the individual charge is a big step in this direction.

So is our new online learning application, which provides countless learning opportunities at your fingertips. We are continuously renewing and augmenting its content and adding new learning products, so visit often!

For instance, the School recently launched two new leadership programs—for aspiring directors and new directors—and collections of resources for every level. And there's more to come in 2016, starting in January and continuing all year long.

We know these are only the first steps towards the future of public service learning. Our transformation at the School is putting you front and centre in everything we do. Whether you are fulfilling organizational needs, building a learning plan or simply following your curiosity, you are in charge of your learning, and the School is eager to help you meet your learning objectives.

We've made great strides towards making sure you have the tools that you can take back to the workplace and put into action. We're aiming for a future where learning is part of your everyday work, with on-demand access to resources that support your best performance.

Through our learning platform, we can make our Blueprint 2020 objectives a reality. I hope you'll join us to discover the possibilities we have in store. Our journey together is just beginning.

I wish you a joyous holiday with family and friends. Take the time to relax and celebrate your accomplishments. And, together, let's make 2016 the year of public service learning!


Wilma Vreeswijk

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