MySchool News - December 2016

MySchool News – December 2016

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Think transformation

At the core of the Blueprint 2020 vision is transformation: public servants working together to build a public service that can meet the future needs of Canadians with excellence.

The School's transformation curriculum addresses the challenges and complexities of this government-wide task, exploring five key "pillars:"

Each aspect of the transformation curriculum addresses the diverse roles of employees, managers and executives, with benefits for every level.

Employees at all levels can influence transformation by actively getting engaged and sharing their knowledge. The School's learning opportunities can show you how to connect to the agenda of transformation and how to make your influence count.

Managers operationalize transformation plans, with a particular focus on the human dynamics that make the difference between success and failure in transformation. The School can help you expand your skills in the management disciplines of transformation and innovation as you build the strong public service of 2020.

Executives integrate the various management disciplines into a framework that makes sense of the complexity of transformation while continually adapting to changing circumstances and priorities. Use the School's transformation curriculum to explore the interrelationships between these disciplines and learn what makes the difference in successful transformation.

The curriculum itself "walks the talk" of transformation by continuing to evolve to meet public service needs. For example, the School replaced the three–day in–class session on project management with a more nimble blended learning environment, featuring both online and in-person components, that is more accessible to learners across the country.

Find out more about transformation right here through MySchool News—read on for more information about project management and look for information on the other pillars in upcoming issues.

Project management: planning strategically, implementing successfully

As one of the key pillars of transformation, project management is a critical addition to any public servant's skillset, regardless of their level or their field of work.

Project management transforms resources into concrete results for Canadians through systematic planning, organization and control. It is normally reserved for focused, non-repetitive and time-limited activities that involve some degree of risk and that go beyond a program's usual scope.

In response to learner demand, the School has created several online self-paced courses to enable learners across the country to access the project management elements of the transformation curriculum anytime and from anywhere.

In addition to these online courses, the School recently launched a one-day, hands-on, classroom-based workshop, Project Management in Practice (R250). This engaging workshop allows employees and managers who are actively involved in the execution of projects to gain hands-on experience by working in groups to collaborate and share their knowledge. Participants will review a business case and complete a project charter and project management plan.

To get the most out of the project management series, it is suggested that learners take the online courses in order (beginning with Introduction to Project Management (R200), followed by Project Management Methods and Processes (R210) and Project Management Policy, Roles and Responsibilities (R220) before registering for Project Management in Practice (R250).

Save the date—Career Boot Camp is back on February 16, 2017

One of the most anticipated events for all public servants is just around the corner. Jointly hosted by the Federal Youth Network and the Canada School of Public Service in partnership with Shared Services Canada, Career Boot Camp 2017 will show public servants how to navigate their way to success.

2017 Career Boot Camp

Designed for all public service professionals seeking to enhance their careers, this nationwide, interdepartmental event is the place to be on Thursday, February 16, 2017. Under the theme Canada 150—The Future Is Ours, the 2017 edition promises to be a perfect way for public servants to revitalize their careers.

Employees’ response to this year’s event has been so enthusiastic that registration is already full for all five on-site sessions, but you can still participate! Tune in to our nationwide broadcast or attend one of our viewing centres across Canada. You can also take part in our virtual engagement platform and social media conversations.

Don’t miss the motivating speeches, exciting panel discussions and exclusive workshops delivered by the best and the brightest from the public service and beyond. Get inspired by exploring topics such as networking, results and delivery, agility and mobility in the workplace, engagement through creativity and much more.

Follow @CBC_CDC, @School_GC and @FYN_RJFF on Twitter for the latest news and updates on the event, including speaker announcements.

Video highlight

image of the video of the 2015–2016 National Student Paper Competition

2015–2016 National Student Paper Competition

Featured events

The School has a host of activities scheduled over the coming months, including the following. Please consult the School's complete list of upcoming events.

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Good to know

The Public Servant-in-Residence Program: A unique developmental experience!

The Public Servant-in-Residence Program (PSIR) places public servants in Canadian universities to conduct research, teach, or a combination of the two in areas linked to departmental objectives and broader public service priorities. Beginning this year, the program is open to public servants at the EX minus 2 level and above.

Residents can access leading-edge thinkers, build knowledge within the public service and support Public Service Renewal and recruitment.

In carrying out these activities, participants help build stronger linkages between the academic sector and the public service, both contributing to the public service and advancing their own development.

In addition to assignments of 6 to 24 months, PSIR now supports micro-assignments of one to five months. Both types of assignments can be undertaken on a part-time or full-time basis.

The next application deadline is January 31, 2017. To learn more, visit the Canada School of Public Service website or contact the program directly at You can also consult the program's GCpedia page.

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