MySchool News - November 2015

MySchool News – November 2015

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The HR Experts' Corner—in pursuit of HR 2020

The community of human resources practitioners is taking to heart the call to network, innovate and share knowledge in building the public service of the future. To assist HR specialists in seeking out continuous learning and best practices, the School and the HR community are inviting learners to take centre stage in a new series of events—The HR Experts' Corner—tailored to their field.

Designed for front-line HR advisors across the country and across HR disciplines, this monthly radio talk show uses WebEx and teleconference to allow learners to listen in on a moderated discussion or interview and ask questions of expert colleagues in real time.

The latest session, held November 26, featured representatives from the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer and the Public Service Commission discussing the new EX Qualification Standards and their application in staffing.

At the December 10 session, which will include both an English and a French broadcast, hear directly from Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat officials about applications and considerations for the new classification policy suite.

To participate, to receive notifications and to get more details about how to connect, check out the HR Experts' Corner page on GCconnex. Recordings of the sessions will also be posted in the GCconnex group as they become available.

President of the Treasury Board visits the School

The Honourable Scott Brison, newly appointed President of the Treasury Board, addressing School employees.
School employees listen with interest as the Honourable Scott Brison outlines the new government's priorities and the role of the School in supporting them.

The Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board and minister responsible for the School, addressed School employees in Ottawa on November 17. He conveyed his enthusiasm for the School's transformation agenda and reconfirmed the vital importance of building an enterprise-wide culture of continuous learning and service excellence. Minister Brison also reiterated his commitment to restoring a culture of respect for, and within, the federal public service.

Preparing the regulatory leaders of today and tomorrow

The Community of Federal Regulators (CFR) is a vibrant functional community of 27 federal regulatory organizations that plans and delivers free activities, events and services to support the more than 25,000 public servants working to uphold Canada's federal regulatory process.

The CFR incorporates innovative approaches to regulatory collaboration and learning, reflecting the spirit of Blueprint 2020. New frontiers like design thinking, behavioural economics and user-centric approaches are among the topics featured through the CFR's suite of learning events and activities.

Talent management is also a top priority for the CFR. It is preparing the next generation of regulatory leaders through a Regulatory Professional Development Program and a Career Pathway for Regulatory Development that highlights behavioural and technical competencies required in the regulatory field.

To support this community and promote the transfer of knowledge to professionals and future leaders, the School also offers a suite of courses to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and best practices they need. A series of events is also specially tailored for public service regulators.

Visit GCpedia to learn more about how the CFR is helping to build a stronger, more connected and more knowledgeable regulatory community now and for the future.

Learn from experience. Learn from experts: Meet David Roberts

With 30 years of experience that range from staffing and classification to labour relations, strategic planning and leadership, David Roberts—who has spent most of his career at National Defence—knows the field of public service human resources inside and out.

A photo of David Roberts, a faculty member at the School.

He brings to the School's HR and management courses—including The Strategic Human Resources Practitioner (P731) and Principles and Practices of Labour Relations for Supervisors and Managers (G244)—a keen appreciation for the art of consensus building. His perspective is informed both by his time on the day-to-day front lines of HR in regional offices and by a view of the "big picture" from the top of an organization.

Across the breadth of his experience, David says that "the key to success has been, at its core, communication—both up and down. The more honest and open communication is, and the more willing each level is to engage in real feedback, ultimately translates into how well the organization delivers its programs and objectives."

David encourages his learners not only to understand the legislative framework that supports HR principles but to go beyond the letter of the law to help stakeholders reach genuine understanding and a sense of common purpose.

"We're trying to construct a win-win situation where people understand each other's roles and focus on how each individual player can contribute to the quality of service that Canadians receive." This challenge, David explains, is one of translation—helping a vision from the highest levels trickle down to become common work objectives and common goals.

He has seen this process succeed even in fraught and confrontational negotiations, where striving for mutual understanding between stakeholders ultimately resulted in employees feeling more empowered despite difficult circumstances.

"They may not have liked it," he says, "but they appreciated the insight and the opportunity to be consulted and come to some common understanding of what the common good was for the organization. Goals are impossible to achieve without a common sense of commitment."

As the legislative instruments that guide HR evolve, HR officers and managers must maintain this careful balancing act of making sometimes unwieldy legislative and process structures work for individual stakeholders—and, in the end, using these tools to directly influence the quality of services that Canadians receive.

"The question that will be pivotal for everyone within the organization, regardless of where they work, is what their role is in relation to the organizational objectives," David says. "And all it requires is a capacity to look at things in a different way, outside the parameters of one's distinct vision."

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Featured events

The School has a host of activities scheduled over the coming months, including the following.

Armchair Discussions

Armchair Discussion Special Edition: Public Service Proud

Assistant Deputy Minister Seminar Series
Leadership Lessons
December 10, 2015 | Ottawa or by webcast | Bilingual

Being Resilient: The Power to Bounce Back
December 7, 2015 | St. Catharines | English

Coaching for Self-Assessment: Moving Forward
December 3, 2015 | Toronto | English

Future Leaders of Ontario Team Building Workshop
December 4, 2015 | Toronto | English

Learning Day for Administrative Professionals: Build your Resilience in a Culture of Change
December 1, 2015 | Moncton | English
December 3, 2015 | Charlottetown | English
December 8, 2015 | St. Catharines | English

Mental Health and Wellness Learning Day: Breaking the Silence on Mental Health
December 9, 2015 | Toronto | English

Mental Health in the Workplace—Joint Learning Program
December 3, 2015 | Fredericton | English

Preparing for Federal Government Interviews: Tips and Tricks
December 9, 2015 | St. Catharines | English


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