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Keeping Canada at the top of its class with learning

Canada's federal public service made headlines recently when the University of Oxford ranked it top overall in its inaugural International Civil Service Effectiveness Index.

In assessing the performance of civil services around the world, the Index emphasizes a variety of core functions and attributes, including policy making, finance, regulation, risk management, integrity, inclusiveness, engagement and innovation. These topics are also highlights of the standardized, government-wide curriculum developed and delivered by the Canada School of Public Service.

We're proud to play an ongoing role in making sure the Government of Canada and its employees continue to deliver excellence. Discover what the School has to offer you, your team and your organization to keep them performing at their best. This summer, take the time to hone your skills, discover new tools and learn from your peers with a wide array of courses, events, job aids, videos, blogs, and other learning resources.

From a networking event that offers student employees a chance to connect with public service managers to a webinar allowing executives to come together to discuss open government, the School offers learning opportunities tailored to every level and to specializations shared from coast to coast to coast. Visit GCcampus for the latest resources on government priorities like public service transformation, results and delivery and a renewed relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

Read on to learn about some of the learning opportunities available at the School to boost your effectiveness as a public service employee. Together, let's keep the Government of Canada at the top of its game.

GCcampus: Take a glance at the latest features and updates!

GCcampus continues to evolve and improve, making it easier than ever to take control of your learning.

Over the past few weeks, the School has been tailoring the GCcampus login process. You can now personalize your account by editing fields such as email, name and password and changing your profile picture. You can also choose what information is visible to colleagues, allowing you to expand your network.

Forgot your login credentials? A security question and answer prompt is now available to make retrieving your account quick and easy.

New and updated content continues to be posted. One example is an updated and revamped section of the Performance Management Cycle (under the Programs and Series tab), which offers a more visual layout, easy-to-read formatting and a new toolkit.

Also new under the Programs and Series tab is a link to a wealth of resources about the GCTools and how to use them to meet your professional and organizational needs. You will also find new content on healthy and respectful workplaces under "Government Priorities" in the Topics tab.

To provide the best learning experience possible as the platform continues to grow, the School has also been conducting a usability study on GCcampus. This initiative will help us to identify and implement the changes required to meet learner needs.

Let your curiosity be your guide—come explore everything GCcampus has to offer!

Technology savviness: New tools for the digital era

The profound effects of rapidly evolving technology continue to be felt in every organization and at every level, and the federal public service is not immune. Transforming the public service to harness the latest technology is essential if employees and organizations are to keep up with the realities and expectations of Canadians.

Every public servant is familiar with the challenges of adapting to new tools and new systems, but technology savviness goes beyond the individual level. It's about transforming the business of public service organizations by recognizing and using technology as a strategic asset. It's about understanding the value of data and leveraging it to enhance citizen-centered services.

The School offers resources to improve technology savviness as part of its transformation curriculum. Courses and resources are available to all employees to help them make best use of new tools like GCdocs or GCTools in their day to day work. Managers and executives, meanwhile, can particularly benefit from information, videos and blog posts on a variety of related topics as part of an introduction to technology savviness.

If organizations are to seize the opportunities created by technology and avoid its pitfalls, executives not directly involved in information technology need to understand their role in this important infrastructure and the frameworks that support its management and governance.

The School is introducing a new classroom course that addresses this leadership dimension of technology savviness. Technology Savviness for Executives  explores the importance and the challenges of collaboration between business and information technology, its place in transformation and the roles executives play across disciplines.

For more information on the aspects of transformation addressed by the School's offerings, check out our previous overview of the curriculum. MySchool News has also previously covered change management as another of the five key "pillars" of transformation. Look for more information on the other pillars in upcoming issues.

Video highlight

Watch video of 2017 Manion Lecture—Strengthening Trust in Canada: the Role of the Public Service

Watch a video of the 2017 Manion Lecture—Strengthening Trust in Canada: the Role of the Public Service

Title: 2017 Manion Lecture—Strengthening Trust in Canada: the Role of the Public Service
Speaker: His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston Governor General of Canada
Length: 27:45
Date: May 10, 2017

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