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Special Edition — March 2017

Message from the Deputy Minister/President

Be curious: Discover new ideas and new ways of working

Wilma Vreeswijk

As Deputy Minister and President of the Canada School of Public Service, I'd like to welcome you to a new year of public service learning and invite you to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities we have in store for you.

More ways to learn

If you've been following MySchool News, you've heard about the highlights of the transformation that has made the School's curriculum more relevant, responsive and accessible than ever before.

Our online learning platform, GCcampus, is now your gateway to a wide variety of learning resources available anytime, anywhere. Click and learn—it's that easy. We're proud to offer hundreds of events that are accessible nationwide and new learning products and tailored programs for every level to keep your learning curve vertical at any stage of your career.

Excellence starts with you

The School is here to support you in serving Canadians with excellence, to work with you to build the public service of the future and to help you achieve your professional goals. With performance management discussions on the horizon, this is a particularly good time to explore what the School has to offer.

I also invite you to undertake some exploratory learning to discover new ideas and new ways of working. Why not "cross-train" in a range of fields to get a broader perspective on the issues facing Canada and Canadians? Remember that events provide dynamic opportunities to learn and engage with colleagues—they too can be part of a well-rounded learning plan.

Celebrate Canada 150: Embrace new learning opportunities

In 2017, look for more opportunities to get fresh insight and new perspectives on priorities like results and delivery, renewed relationships with Indigenous Peoples, diversity and inclusion, service excellence, policy innovation and healthy workplaces. We're listening carefully to your feedback—through the recent #LeadersGC chat on the future of learning, for example—and seeking input from our partners to refine the School's learning products. Check back often! Our suite of learning products is dynamic—responding to changing priorities, reflecting a range of perspectives—and enriched with videos and discussions.

MySchool News will continue to provide a window into the latest developments at the School from its new home on GCpedia, offering quarterly updates and timely bulletins on public service learning and the opportunities available to you. I encourage you to share this publication with your colleagues.

Your passion and curiosity are the keys to innovation. Let them be your guide to learning this year as you gain new skills and open new doors—you might be surprised at where they take you!


Wilma Vreeswijk


Phoenix your pay system



Training to introduce you to Phoenix, the Government of Canada's self-serve pay and benefits system.


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