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Introduction to GCcampus

Introduction to GCcampus

Description: Learn to navigate through GCcampus with this tutorial.

Date: June 9, 2016

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The Canada School of Public Service is proud to offer all public servants a new learning space where they can strengthen and build their professional skills‑any time, any place.

The GCcampus home page shows a selection of featured products and topics, from events to courses, videos and blogs by our faculty members.

Priority topics are highlighted at the top of the page. This link on healthy workplaces leads to a page where learners at all levels can find courses and resources on this key government priority.

Other features of the home page include links to target communities: employees, managers and supervisors, executives and functional specialists.

Making learning relevant and focused on individual needs is a key feature of GCcampus. By activating the My Picks feature, learners can see a personalized selection of learning products on their choice of topics each time they visit the home page.

Ease of use is a guiding principle.

Learners can use the top menu bar to perform a variety of functions. Clicking on your name allows you to change your profile or log out.

The My Learning tab allows you to view your in-progress learning. The Completed tab shows the courses you have completed. The view details hyperlink allows you to print your certificate. Certifications and Curricula shows your progress in any certification or curricula you may be registered to.

The Waitlist and Learning Request section lets you add your name to a priority list and view any waitlist activities you may have registered for.

The Help tab contains Frequently Asked Questions and other useful information.

Learners can use the main menu options to navigate quickly to topics, programs and series, communities or events...

...or they can browse by product type.

A search function is also available.

Through the different community zones, learners can find products and resources that have been curated for their needs.

The employees zone, for example, offers access to foundational learning such as the Public Service Orientation program or our new Essentials Series covering the basics of core topics such as finance, information management and human resources. From here, registering to a classroom session, taking an online course or participating in a live event is quick and easy.

GCcampus also features tools that provide "just‑in‑time" support to employees as they do their jobs. Our Briefing Series includes a range of resources on effective briefing. A short video provides tips on two‑minute oral briefings.

For employees that need help writing a briefing note, a performance support tool walks them through the steps of planning, researching, writing and revising. The tool also offers access to departmental briefing note templates for download.

GCcampus is where learners come to launch the School's new flagship programs for managers and executives at key transitions.

The Manager Development Program is built in phases, blending online and face‑to‑face learning.

Phase 1 of the Program offers extensive online learning content covering the fundamentals of being a manager in today's public service.

The School's new executive programs can be accessed through the executive zone. This part of GCcampus also features curated content aimed at executives at all levels.

Functional specialists are also represented in GCcampus. There are fifteen functional communities tailored to the unique needs of functional specialists such as those in IT, HR or finance.

From traditional courses to videos, from ATIP to transforming the public service, GCcampus allows learners to take charge of their professional development, build their skills and deliver value to all Canadians.


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