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Writing for the Web (TRN1-V04)


Do you write for the web but not sure where to start? Take your writing to the next level by checking out this video with tips to learn about your audience, the content style guide and more.

Duration: 00:01:21
Published: March 1, 2021
Type: Video

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Writing for the Web

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Transcript: Writing for the Web

[00:00:01] Are you writing for the Web? Let's make sure you've got the right recipe for success.

[00:00:05] First, consider the needs of your audience. Is your writing accessible and inclusive? Consult the Content Style Guide for guidance on how to use images and alt text, include transcripts to describe audio and video and consider screen sizes.

[00:00:23] Second, use plain language. Find out which words your audience uses and make sure you're using the same ones. Everyone needs to understand you.

[00:00:34] Third, respect Canada's official languages. Make sure your audience can access your content in English and French.

[00:00:43] Fourth, start with the most important information and get to the point quickly, this engages the reader and lets them know right away if the content is relevant to them.

[00:00:54] Lastly, write directly to your users using "you" and "your" and use "we" to refer to the government of Canada. Find out more by visiting the Canada School of Public Service website and the accessible communications portal on the GCintranet.

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