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Departmental Performance Report 2011–2012: User Fees Reporting

User Fees and Regulatory Charges (User Fees Act)

User Fee: Fees charged for the application of access requests filed under the Access to Information Act (ATIA).

Fee Type: Other products and services

Fee-setting Authority: Access to Information Act and regulations

Year Last Modified: 1992

Performance Standards: A total of 49 requests were completed in 30 days or less; two requests were completed between 31 and 60 days; and two requests were completed between 61 and 120 days. No requests took more than 120 days to complete.

  • Response is to be provided within 30 days following receipt of request but the response time may be extended pursuant to Section 9 of the ATIA. Notice of extension is to be sent within 30 days after receipt of request.
  • The two requests that took 31 to 60 days was a result of the final approval of an audit.

Between December 2011 and January 2012, the Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Office at the Canada School of Public Service provided training and awareness sessions to 193 employees.

In March 2012, the School's ATIP Office posted a handbook and links to acts and useful FAQs on the School's intranet site.

Performance Results: Statutory deadlines were met 95 percent of the time and no complaints were received in 2011-12.

User Fees Reporting: User Fees and Regulatory Charges. The first column displays figures for 2011-12 in thousands of dollars. The column is split into three categories: forecast revenue, actual revenue and full cost. The second column displays figures for planning years in thousands of dollars. The column is split into three categories: fiscal year, forecast revenue and estimated full cost. There are two blank fields under forecast revenue and two blank fields under estimated full cost. There is a special note for other information below the table.
2011-12 ($ thousands) Planning Years ($ thousands)
Forecast Revenue Actual Revenue Full Cost Fiscal Year Forecast Revenue Estimated Full Cost
.32 .31 93.4 2012-13 0.175 93.4
2013-14 - -
2014-15 - -

Other Information: There were four complaints from 2010 that were resolved in November 2011 with the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada.

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