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Healthy Workplaces
Learn about healthy workplaces through online and classroom courses offered at every level.
Diversity and Inclusion
Learn about Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) to help you serve the diverse needs of Canadians.
Indigenous Learning Series
Learn about Canada’s shared history with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples and how it impacts us today.
Learn about the current issues facing the public service through seminars, workshops, forums and more.
Public Service Orientation
Get the core knowledge you need to perform at your best as a public servant.
Open to all public service employees at all levels; learn at your own pace with these courses and events.
Functional Specialists
Expand your knowledge as a functional specialist and connect with your community with these valuable resources.
Managers and Supervisors
Build a solid foundation as a manager or supervisor by connecting with peers and mentors across the public service.
Obtain leadership skills you need to be an effective executive by connecting with experts in the field.
Help your organization stay on top and serve Canadians with excellence by connecting with a network of professionals.


Phoenix your pay system



Training to introduce you to Phoenix, the Government of Canada's self-serve pay and benefits system.


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English, French, Improve your language skills

Improve your language skills

Improve your language skills

Explore interactive online tools designed to improve oral and written comprehension and fluency in your second official language.

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