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Departmental Performance Report 2012–2013: User Fees Reporting

User Fees and Regulatory Charges (User Fees Act)

User Fee: Fees charged for requests filed under the Access to Information Act (ATIA).

Fee Type: Other products and services

Fee-setting Authority: ATIA, Section 11 and Access to Information Regulations, Section 7

Year Last Modified: 1992

Performance Standards: A response is provided within 30 days following receipt of request. The response time may be extended pursuant to Section 9 of the ATIA. Notice of extension is to be sent within 30 days after receipt of request.

Performance Results: A total of 36 requests were completed during the 2012-13 reporting period: 25 were completed in 30 days or less; eight were completed between 31 and 60 days; and three were completed between 61 and 120 days. Four of the requests did not meet the statutory deadline due to an increase in workload. In an effort to address performance gaps, two additional advisors were assigned to the Access to Information and Privacy Office to support activities related to access to information. In addition, a total of 86 School employees participated in an Access to Information and Privacy training and awareness session.

User Fees Reporting: User Fees and Regulatory Charges. The first column displays figures for 2012-13 in thousands of dollars. The column is split into three categories: forecast revenue, actual revenue and full cost. The second column displays figures for planning years in thousands of dollars. The column is split into three categories: fiscal year, forecast revenue and estimated full cost. There are two blank fields under forecast revenue and two blank fields under estimated full cost. There is a special note for other information below the table.
2012-13 ($ Thousands) Planning Years ($ Thousands)
Forecast Revenue Actual Revenue Full Cost Fiscal Year Forecast Revenue Estimated Full Cost
0.175 0.175 162.5 2013-14 .255 172.08
2014-15 - -
2015-16 - -

Other Information: The ATIA states that all formal requests submitted must be accompanied by a $5 application fee payable to the Receiver General of Canada.

The ATIA authorizes fees for certain activities related to the processing of formal requests. In addition to the application fee, search, preparation and reproduction charges may apply to various records. Current fees are specified in the Access to Information Regulations. In accordance with the ATIA and government policy, it is the School's practice to waive fees when the total owing per request amounts to less than $25. A total of $175 in fees was collected during the reporting period. In 2012-13, one complaint was filed under the ATIA with the Office of the Information Commissioner. The investigation was not yet completed by the end of the reporting year.

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