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Report on Plans and Priorities 2013–2014: Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations Over the Next Three Fiscal Years

A. All upcoming Internal Audits over the next three fiscal years

Under the revised Treasury Board Policy on Internal Audit that came into effect in April 2012, the School is classified as a Small Department and Agency (SDA) for auditing purposes. In this context, the Office of the Comptroller General of Canada (OCG) becomes the de facto Chief Audit Executive for the School. As such, the School will work with the OCG and its Small Departments Audit Committee. At this time, the School has not initiated any internal audits or participated in any OCG Horizontal Audits.

B. All upcoming Evaluations over the next three fiscal years

All upcoming evaluations over the next three fiscal years. Read down the first column for the name of the evaluation. Read to the right for the program, status and expected completion date. A note appears below the table
Name of Evaluation Program Status Expected Completion Date
New Official Languages Learning Model 1.3 Official Languages Learning Planned for 2015-16 2016-17

Note: The School is classified as a Small Department and Agency (SDA) under the Treasury Board Policy on Evaluation. Application of the Policy to SDAs is deferred until otherwise directed by the President of the Treasury Board, with the exception of section 6.2. The School will ensure that the requirements identified in section 6.2 of the Policy on Evaluation are met.

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