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Departmental Plan 2018–2019: Gender–based Analysis Plus

General information

Gender-based Analysis Plus: General information. Presented in two columns, the first of which contains thee row headings. Read down and to the right for the governance structures, human resources and planned initiatives dedicated to Gender-based Analysis Plus at the School.
Governance Structures Not available. The Canada School of Public Service will work towards developing a strategy or framework to ensure that GBA+ will be integrated into departmental decision-making processes with appropriate monitoring and reporting mechanisms for GBA+ in 2018–2019.
Human Resources Not available. The Canada School of Public Service will determine the number of full-time equivalents that will be dedicated to GBA+ implementation during 2018–2019.
Planned Initiatives

Short and Medium Term:

  • The School is negotiating a partnership with the Centre for Intercultural Learning (CIL) to deliver GBA+ workshops across the country. Learning events will be delivered during the first half of 2018–2019
  • A learning event strategy is being developed to support GBA+ as a priority

Medium and Long Term:

  • Discussions are underway with Status of Women Canada to formalize a collaboration to host and/or develop courses, job aids, tools and other projects and initiatives to feed GCcampus
  • The School will also develop initiatives to embed GBA+ considerations in relevant curricula for all employees, specialists, supervisors, and executives

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