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Departmental Plan 2021-2022: Gender-based analysis plus

Institutional GBA+ Capacity

The Canada School of Public Service (the School) will continue to refine its GBA+ framework and implement it in 2021-2022.

The framework will cover the twofold role of the School in this priority area:

  • As a federal departmental corporation with over 600 employees, the School must incorporate GBA+ in its operations and decision-making processes.
  • As the common learning provider for the core public service, it must ensure that:
    • Public servants have greater access to quality learning products to enhance their capacity for GBA+.
    • Learning materials take into account the various needs of Canada's diverse workforce.

As such, the School's framework will include an organizational needs assessment and policy statement. It will support the establishment of a responsibility centre for the department and the development of GBA+ training and tools for its employees.

The framework will also provide for ongoing monitoring of progress in implementing GBA+ in the School's operations and its learning opportunities for public servants. This will include engaging with senior management and the School's governance bodies.

Highlights of GBA+ Results Reporting Capacity by Program
Common Public Service Learning

The School is fully committed to continuing its focus on the development and delivery of learning products in line with the Government of Canada's continuous commitment to GBA+.

Learning design and delivery

The School will continue exploring options to include GBA+ in the design and delivery of core public service learning. It will also carry out quality assurance reviews of existing products to ensure that GBA+ considerations have been taken into account.


The School will continue to nurture its partnership with Women and Gender Equality Canada and formalize its collaboration in hosting and developing courses, job aids, tools, and other projects and initiatives through the School's online learning platform. The School will collaborate formally:

  • through an interdepartmental GBA+ committee
  • by co-chairing and contributing to a GBA+ capacity-building working group
  • in supporting the development of train-the-trainer training for GBA+ focal points

The School will continue to foster collaboration with other departments and agencies, including the Department of Finance Canada, the Privy Council Office, Statistics Canada, and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, to contribute to existing courses, develop learning events, and share expertise.

It will also continue to build its partnership with the Centre for Intercultural Learning at Global Affairs Canada to expand access to Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+): Applying Your Knowledge workshops across the country and update content to enhance user experience and ensure relevance.

Finally, it will explore options to expand partnerships outside the public service to gain broader perspectives on GBA+ and enhance course content and learning events.


The School will review and update its Premium GBA+ course to reflect learner, facilitator, and observer feedback. It will continue to deliver the Premium GBA+ course.
As it assesses learning needs, the School will continue to deliver the course Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+): Applying Your Knowledge.

It will also continue to develop initiatives to embed GBA+ considerations in relevant curricula for all employees, specialists, supervisors, and executives.

Internal Services

The School will continue to incorporate GBA+ into the design and delivery of human resources operations and practices. GBA+ standards and gender-inclusive language will be applied throughout the employment life cycle to foster a positive workplace that is inclusive of diverse gender identities.

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