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Departmental Plan 2017–2018: Upcoming Evaluations over the Next Five Fiscal Years

Programs planned to be evaluated in the next five years

Upcoming evaluations over the next five fiscal years. After a header row, the following row presents information about an individual evaluation. For the fiscal year listed in the first column, read to the right for the title of the evaluation, date of completion of the last evaluation, link to the department's Program Inventory, and planned spending associated with the program(s) evaluated in dollars. The last row presents the total organizational spending for each of these categories.
Fiscal year (of the planned date for deputy head approval of the evaluation report) Title of the evaluation Completion of last evaluation Link to department's Program Inventory Planned spending associated with the program(s) evaluated (dollars)
2017–18 Strategic Directions Summative (Impact) Evaluation Not applicable Learning and Internal Services $20,495,167
Total organizational spending Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable $20,495,167

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