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Departmental Results Report 2018–2019: Gender Based Analysis +

General information

Governance structures

Canada School of Public Service GBA+ Implementation Plan

The School does not yet have a GBA+ implementation plan in place, but it did make advances in the following areas:

Strategy or framework

  • The School worked towards developing a strategy to ensure that GBA+ will be integrated into departmental decision-making processes with appropriate monitoring and reporting mechanisms for GBA+ in 2018–19 and beyond.
  • A formal GBA+ statement of intent was drafted and approved.
  • A GBA+ framework is currently being developed.

Accountability mechanisms

  • GBA+ discussions at senior management committees took place several times during 2018–19.

Monitoring and reporting mechanisms

  • Monitoring and reporting mechanisms have yet to be determined.

Governance bodies

  • Two Co-Champions for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity led GBA+
  • Discussions on matters pertaining to GBA+ took place as per the mandate of the School's Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Forum.
  • An intradepartmental network or working-level group dedicated to GBA+ met a few times during the year.
  • A GBA+ Responsibility Centre has yet to be formally put in place: in the interim, the GBA+ focal point acts as the Responsibility Center

Human resources

No full-time equivalents (FTEs) were dedicated to GBA+ implementation, as the School does not yet have an implementation plan in place. However, the following FTEs were in place:

2.5 FTEs were part of a GBA+ Responsibility Centre:

  • Learning Programs Branch (1)
  • Policy and Priorities (0.5)
  • Access to Information and Privacy, Parliamentary and Cabinet Affairs, and Special Projects (1)

Departmental GBA+ Focal Point(s):


Major initiatives: results achieved

The results achieved for the four initiatives listed in the GBA+ supplementary information table for the 2018–19 Departmental Plan are as follows:

  1. The School is negotiating a partnership with the Centre for Intercultural Learning (CIL) to deliver GBA+ workshops across the country
    • 17 one-day workshop were offered across the country in 2018–19.
    • The School designed, tested and piloted a CSPS Premium: GBA+ course, developed in collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs) and central agencies including Women and Gender Equality Canada (formerly Status of Women Canada):
      • The CSPS Premium: GBA+ course offers an intensive, in-person learning experience to small groups, primarily targeted to policy analysts on GBA+.
      • The course focuses on the application of GBA+ at each stage of the policy cycle, and is intended to enhance public servants' skills and competencies in applying GBA+ into their daily work and departments.
      • Through this course, the School played a key role in aiding public servants to enhance their capacity in applying GBA+ to policies and programs, and thereby advance gender equality and inclusion.
    • These initiatives align with the goals, objectives and indicators of the Gender Results Framework insofar as the School trains public servants to apply GBA+ in their work to advance equality in Canada.
  2. A learning event strategy is being developed to support GBA+ as a priority
    • A learning event strategy was developed to support GBA+ as a priority.
  3. Discussions are underway with Status of Women Canada to formalize a collaboration to host and/or develop courses, job aids, tools and other projects and initiatives to feed GCcampus
    • A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the School and Women and Gender Equality Canada (formerly Status of Women Canada).

    The following describes the roles of both organizations for the said agreement:

    Women and Gender Equality Canada will be responsible for the following:

    • Providing funding to support the development and delivery of GBA+ learning content
    • Providing regular status updates on learner feedback of the online GBA+ foundational course
    • Providing access to SME resources, where appropriate, for input into the design and development of the School's GBA+ learning products
    • Providing updates on GBA+ branding in a timely fashion that may impact course delivery
    • Providing a co-facilitator for the first day of each of the GBA+ Premium pilot deliveries

    The School will be responsible for the following:

    • Designing and delivering GBA+ learning products that are aligned with the School's common curriculum priorities while building on Canada's first-ever Gender Statement in Budget 2017, and the Government's introduction of a new Gender Results Framework in Budget 2018
    • Offering GBA+ learning products to eligible organizations via GCcampus
    • Supporting Women and Gender Equality Canada in the transfer of existing GBA+ learning content to the School, including access to the online GBA+ training to be delivered through GCcampus
    • Providing Women and Gender Equality Canada with Level 1 evaluation results and participant registration statistics for its classroom and online, self-paced courses on a quarterly basis
  4. The School will also develop initiatives to embed GBA+ considerations in relevant curricula for all employees, specialists, supervisors, and executives

    Integration of GBA+ learning content into existing curricula:

    • GBA+ training is currently recommended for the procurement, research, respectful and inclusive workplace, and policy teams.
    • Additionally, managers are encouraged to recommend courses on GBA+ to their teams.

Reporting capacity and data

Not applicable.

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