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Fees Report 2020-2021

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  • Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the President of the Treasury Board, 2021
  • Catalogue number : SC100-12E-PDF
  • ISSN: 2562-2129

Minister's message

The Honourable Mona Fortier

On behalf of the Canada School of Public Service, I am pleased to present our report on fees for 2020-21.

The Service Fees Act provides a modern legislative framework that enables cost-effective delivery of services and, through better reporting to Parliament, improves transparency and oversight.

This year's report provides information on its fees and related fee setting mechanism. This information provides additional context in the spirit of open and transparent fee management.

I will continue to lead my department's transition to the reporting regime provided under the Service Fees Act.

The Honourable Mona Fortier, P.C., M.P.
President of the Treasury Board

About this report

This report, which is tabled under section 20 of the Service Fees Act including the Low-Materiality Fees Regulations and subsection 4.2.8 of the Directive on Charging and Special Financial Authorities, contains information about the fees that the Canada School of Public Service (the School) had the authority to set in 2020-21.

Government of Canada departments may set fees for services, licences, permits, products, the use of facilities, for other authorizations of rights or privileges, or to recover, in whole or in part, costs incurred in relation to a regulatory scheme.

For reporting purposes, fees must be categorized under the following three fee-setting mechanisms:

  1. Act, regulation or fees notice
    • An act of Parliament delegates the fee-setting authority to a department, minister or Governor in Council.
  2. Contract
    • Ministers have the authority to enter into contracts, which are usually negotiated between the minister and an individual or organization, and which cover fees and other terms and conditions. In some cases, that authority may also be provided by an act of Parliament.
  3. Market rate or auction
    • The authority to set these fees is pursuant to an act of Parliament or regulation, and the minister, department or Governor in Council has no control over the fee amount.

This report contains information about fees that are under the School's authority. No fees under the School's authority are set by act, regulation or fees notice. This report therefore only covers fees set by contract. It provides total revenue and costs only.

Although the fees that the School charges under the Access to Information Act were subject to the Service Fees Act, they are not included in this report. Information on the School's access to information fees for 2020-21 can be found in our access to information report, which is posted on our Web page: Plans and reports.

Overall totals, by fee setting mechanism

The following table presents the total revenue and cost for all fees that the School had the authority to set in 2020‑21, by fee-setting mechanism.

Overall totals for 2020-21, by fee setting mechanism
Fee setting mechanism Revenue ($) Cost ($)
Fees set by contract 92,460 Not applicable – In 2014-15, the School was instructed to collect $92,460 each year from the National Capital Commission.
Fees set by either market-rate or auction 0 0
Total 92,460 Not applicable – In 2014-15, the School was instructed to collect $92,460 each year from the National Capital Commission.

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