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Program Alignment Architecture 2015–2016

What is a Program Alignment Architecture?

The Policy on Management, Resources and Results Structures supports the development of a common government-wide approach to the identification of programs and to the collection, management and reporting of financial and non-financial information relative to those programs.

The ongoing implementation of Management, Resources and Results Structures (MRRS) requires that every organization define its measurable strategic outcomes and a Program Alignment Architecture (PAA) that reflects how it allocates and manages its resources to achieve its intended results.

The Canada School of Public Service has a single strategic outcome: Federal public service employees have the common knowledge, skills and competencies to fulfil their responsibilities in serving Canadians. It achieves this outcome through its Learning Services Program with the support of internal services.

Canada School of Public Service's
Program Alignment Architecture

Strategic Outcome 1: Federal public service employees have the common knowledge, skills and competencies to fulfil their responsibilities in serving Canadians.

Program 1.1 Learning Services

Internal Services

Program 1.1: Learning Services

This program delivers learning services to the federal public service, providing standardized training to build common knowledge, skills and competencies that support public service employees in fulfilling their responsibilities in delivering programs and services to Canadians.

This program is responsible for enterprise-wide training and development in support of government priorities. It leads to a centralized, common approach to managing and delivering learning services that are open to all federal public service employees throughout their careers and are common to the operation of all federal institutions, regardless of mandate or location.

The Learning Services Program offers a curriculum consisting of foundational development training, which is designed to build a common culture across the federal public service, and specialized development training, which is open to all employees working in information technology, human resources or finance, as well as to those wishing to develop their knowledge in other areas of specialization, including management and leadership.

This program achieves its results through a common curriculum, designed to be delivered both in person and online and supported by technology infrastructure so as to enable the delivery of training across the federal public service.

Internal Services

Internal Services are groups of related activities and resources that are administered to support the needs of programs and other corporate obligations of an organization. Internal services include only those activities and resources that apply across an organization, and not those provided to a specific program. The groups of activities are Management and Oversight Services; Communications Services; Legal Services; Human Resources Management Services; Financial Management Services; Information Management Services; Information Technology Services; Real Property Services; Materiel Services; and Acquisition Services.

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