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CSPS Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Summary: Accommodation Survey

Description of the project

The purpose of this project was to examine the privacy impacts associated with accommodation surveys, in order for our institution the plan the next steps in the evolution of the workplace environment of the Canada School of Public Service. This PIA can also be used for the launch of similar surveys that the Accommodations Team may use to conduct surveys in the future.

Why the PIA was necessary

A PIA is being conducted because the Accommodation Team gathers, and will gather, personal information from CSPS employees, all of whom agree to share this information as part of the physical return to the worksite project.

PIA objectives

The PIA is intended to help ensure that the Accommodation Team at the CSPS remains compliant with the Privacy Act, and to help identify and mitigate any risks associated with the personal information that the Accommodation Team collects in the course of its development of the strategic planning for the return to the worksite in the future.

PIA findings and risk summary

Privacy risks arising from the Accommodation Team's data gathering are considered to be low, as they involve limited collections of non-sensitive data. Data are collected and used for non administrative purposes (i.e., to hear what opportunities and challenges to foresee with the physical return to worksite). Accommodation team will strictly limit access to any personal information that is collected.


  • Ensure that the members of the Accommodations team are aware of privacy considerations in all of their outreach work
  • Ensure that all personal information captured is safeguarded in accordance with the Privacy Act and that it not be disclosed without the consent of the individual concerned
  • Ensure that only the individual with a need to know has access to personal information
  • Ensure that all surveys conducted include a "Privacy Notice" informing respondents of the purpose and used of information being gathered

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