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CSPS Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Summary: Mentorship Plus Program

Description of the project

The Mentorship Plus Program was developed by Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) with employment equity (EE) and equity-seeking group members. The Mentorship Plus Program has two components: mentorship and sponsorship, both of which will be launched at the School in the Fall 2021. Approximately 30 small departments and agencies (SDA) will be participating in the sponsorship component.

Why the PIA was necessary

The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) will play a role in the Sponsorship component of the Mentorship Program by managing the Centralized Bank of Sponsors (CBS).

Departmental leads are encouraged to provide a list of sponsors to CSPS that are willing to be part of the Bank of Sponsors. Departmental leads will request sponsors from the Bank of Sponsors through the Mentorship Team at CSPS.

Sponsors will provide personal information when completing the Sponsor Questionnaire

  • CSPS will contact the participating SDAs to confirm who their departmental lead contacts are for the Mentorship Program.
  • CSPS will collect Sponsors from the SDAs departmental leads to input into the CBS held at CSPS.
  • CSPS will provide department leads with a form to request Sponsors from the CBS - Sponsor Request Form, in PDF format.
  • The CSPS will search for sponsors from the CBS and provide names of potential sponsors to departmental leads when requested.

PIA objectives

  • The PIA will ensure that the CSPS remains compliant with the Privacy Act, and to identify any risks associated with the School's role in the Mentorship Plus Program.
  • The PIA will help the CSPS to set up a Centralized Bank of Sponsors that is compliant with the Privacy Act.
  • The PIA will ensure that the personal information processed through the Centralized Bank of Sponsors is compliant with the Privacy Act.

PIA findings and risk summary

Privacy risks originating from the collection of personal information are moderate to low. Employees who choose to be a sponsor will complete the form and send it to the departmental lead in their organization. This information is submitted directly the Mentorship Team at CSPS from the departmental leads of each of the SDAs. The information is non-sensitive data and used solely for the purpose of matching sponsors to protégés through the Mentorship Plus Program.


  • Ensure that all personal information captured is safeguarded in accordance with the Privacy Act and that it not be disclosed without the consent of the individual concerned
  • Ensure that only the individual with a need to know has access to personal information
  • Ensure that the employees who manage the captured data are aware of privacy considerations in all of their outreach work

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