Digital Academy

Digital Academy

The Canada School of Public Service Digital Academy (CSPS Digital Academy) was established to help public servants gain the knowledge, skills and mindsets needed for government in the digital age. The CSPS Digital Academy supports Canada's Beyond2020 principles for an agile, inclusive and equipped workforce and advocates a digital-first approach that aligns with Canada's Digital Standards. These 10 Digital Standards form the foundation of the government's shift to becoming more agile, open and user-focused.

What we offer

The CSPS Digital Academy, as one of the School's business lines, supports public servants at all stages of their learning and at all levels of their careers through the following learning tiers:

  1. Digital Foundations: Foundational learning for all public servants
  2. Digital Premium: Specialized in‑depth streams for applied skills and mindsets
  3. Digital Leadership: How to lead in a digital age
Learning Tier Summary

Digital Foundations

Basic learning for all public servants. It aims to provide a fundamental understanding of digital trends, tools and approaches as the basis for more complex learning. This learning tier includes:

  • Busrides – a dynamic blog with the latest tips, stories and jumping-off points for broadening and deepening your digital literacy
  • Discover Digital (I205) – a 1‑day, in-person workshop offering digital definitions and standards to support working in a user-centric way
Digital Premium

Specialized and hands‑on learning for public servants in data, design, development, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and DevOps. Learners will explore an organizational problem and work together to develop user‑centred solutions.

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Digital Leadership

Opportunities for executives to improve leadership capacity in leading digitally enabled operational environments and service delivery. It aims to equip leaders with the required knowledge and management skills that will help them adopt a digital‑first mindset.

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Learning tools for virtual teams

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