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Analysing Program and Policy Results with Linked Data


The daily lives of Canadians are increasingly shaped by new and data-driven technologies and services. By using these technologies and services, the Government of Canada can access data from multiple sources to better serve the needs of citizens and inform its decision making.

This insightful event will explore specific case studies for enhancing analysis with linked data, including Statistics Canada's Linkable File Environment, which helps unlock insights from administrative data by linking to information on businesses and individuals across Canada. From grant and contribution programs to licensing regimes, connecting to linked data creates an opportunity to access more accurate information and comprehensive analyses.

Join us for a discussion with public service leaders to understand how linking data from multiple sources can generate new, more valuable and deeper insights in health, labour, innovation, productivity and more.


  • Don Wilson, Executive Director, Horizontal Program Reviews Division, Expenditure Management Sector, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Jérôme Mercier, A / Director General,Evaluation, Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Sarah Klassen, Unit Head - Centre for Special Business Projects, Economic Statistics Field, Statistics Canada
  • Andy Handouyahia, A/Director - Strategic Planning and Methodology Division - Evaluation, Employment and Social Development Canada


Neil Bouwer, Vice-President, Canada School of Public Service

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