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Respect Day 2020: Primer on Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racism and Discrimination, and Unconscious Bias


Racism is a complex, pressing issue. Many people today are seeking ways to increase their awareness and sensitivity in order to protect their relationships with colleagues and improve their interactions with the public.

Join us for a candid conversation intended to raise awareness about discrimination and unconscious bias, as well as clarify some of the issues of anti-Black racism that are currently dominating news coverage around the world.

A panel of speakers will share their own lived experience and understandings and lead a discussion covering basic questions such as Is racism really a problem? Isn't it just "a few bad apples"? What is Black Lives Matter, and why is it wrong to say "all lives matter"? What is systemic racism? What is white privilege, and how is it relevant? What is unconscious bias, and does it effect everyone? The forum is intended as a safe space for public servants to seek information and ask their questions.

Learn more about the Anti-Racism Event Series.


  • Heather Hamilton, Regional Director General, Parole Board of Canada, Prairie Region and member of the Joint Committee on Diversity for Correctional Services and Parole Board of Canada
  • Alex Ikejiani, Legal Counsel and Certified Specialist in Environmental Law, Department of Justice Canada, and Adjunct Professor at University of Ottawa
  • David Nelson, Quebec representative, Federal Black Employee Caucus


Kenza Bouchaara, Senior Advisor, Respectful and Inclusive Workplace, Canada School of Public Service

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