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The Art and Science of Storytelling


The art and science of storytelling ensures that your message is heard, understood and acted upon to successfully drive projects and ideas forward.

Join communication expert and author Richard Newman for an interactive presentation on how to captivate the people you speak to every day. Learn about making your words more memorable, compelling people to listen, and improving the reactions and results you get when you speak. These strategies can enhance and improve presentations, emails and meetings.

During this event, you will learn about:

  • turning complex information into concise and compelling messages
  • overcoming common storytelling errors to enhance your impact
  • motivating people to act when you speak
  • making your ideas more persuasive and memorable

Richard Newman is the founder and CEO of the communication consulting and training company UK Body Talk: The Science of Communication. He is also the author of You Were Born to Speak.

This is an interactive session. Come prepared to take some notes to make the most of this learning experience.


Richard Newman

Richard Newman, Founder and CEO, UK Body Talk: The Science of Communication

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