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Artificial Intelligence is Here Series: AI and Machine Learning in Foreign Intelligence


Foreign intelligence often provides governments an advantage in anticipating and responding to foreign crises. Artificial intelligence (AI) and prediction models have extensive applications to strengthen foreign intelligence analysis and sharpen the formulation of critical policy, diplomatic and military decisions.

Drawing on recent international crises, this timely event will examine how AI and predictive modelling can be used to inform governments when they respond to complex and rapidly evolving international situations.

Participants will enhance their knowledge of the role of AI in foreign policy and be asked to consider:

  • when and how AI should be used to enhance intelligence gathering
  • the kinds of foreign prediction problems that are best suited to AI
  • how AI might influence the speed and tenor of government responses to global events

Video: Artificial Intelligence Is Here Series: AI and Machine Learning in Foreign Intelligence

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  • Janice Stein, Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and Belzberg Professor of Conflict Management, Department of Political Science
  • Jon Lindsay, Associate Professor, School of Cybersecurity and Privacy, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology


Martin Green, Assistant Secretary to Cabinet, Intelligence Assessment, Privy Council Office

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