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Artificial Intelligence Is Here Series: How AI Is Transforming the Economy


Like the automobile, the personal computer and other crucial technologies that preceded it, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to become an engine of economic growth, and dramatically transform social and economic structures in ways we cannot yet fully grasp.

As the use of AI becomes more widespread and the cost of predictive technology declines, markets for new types of products and services will emerge. For businesses and organizations, the potential prevalence of AI presents exciting economic opportunities. However, for some organizations and individuals, the widespread use of AI remains a source of immense concern.

Join this event featuring experts in the field who will discuss the economic transformations we are already seeing and are likely to see as the use of AI continues to grow, and why economic policy will have an important role to play in both mitigating the potential harms of AI as well as leveraging and accelerating its benefits.

Video: How AI Is Transforming the Economy

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  • Alex Scott, Group Business Developer, Borealis AI
  • Pamela Snively, Chief Data & Trust Officer, TELUS Communications


Avi Goldfarb, Rotman Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare, and Professor of Marketing at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

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