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Getting the Best out of Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Public Service of the Future


Artificial intelligence (AI) in government is here to stay, yet how well are we doing to adopt AI across the public service? With the rise of digital culture, how can we use AI to better respond to citizens, collaborate more effectively, better manage and interpret data, drive growth, and address national and global issues?

Join us for an open discussion with renowned experts in the field, who will share their views and address a number of topics such as:

  • the fragmented AI landscape and related environmental and social elements
  • trust and ethics challenges that must be dealt with to get AI right
  • the shortage of skills and how to address this issue
  • change management and other measures to implement over the long term

Joining us on site? Following the event, you will get the opportunity to experience AI in action!


  • Shelby Austin, Managing Partner of Omnia AI, Deloitte Canada
  • Fuyuki Kurasawa, Associate Professor and York Research Chair in Global Digital Citizenship, York University


Sarah Paquet, Executive Vice-President for Shared Services Canada

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