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Canada at the Cutting Edge of Innovation: Artificial Intelligence and Health Research


Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to transform health care as we know it, and experts are only beginning to grasp its full potential. Possible applications of AI in the field of medicine include algorithms that streamline approaches to medical research, and reinforced learning techniques that more accurately predict disease progression and improve patient care, to name a few.

This forward-looking event highlights the important contributions that Canadian researchers are making in the field of AI and health. Université Laval professor and AI expert Audrey Durand will share her own research into the intersection of machine learning and medicine, which one day may help to improve treatment decisions for cancer patients.

Participants will learn about the key challenges and opportunities involved in scaling AI solutions for medicine and shifting how health care is delivered in the future.

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  • Audrey Durand, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Université Laval, and CIFAR Fellow
  • Jocelyne Voisin, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy Branch, Health Canada

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