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Canada at the Cutting Edge of Innovation: Renewable Energy Inspired by Nature


Humans consume one trillion watts of energy annually; and this amount is set to double by 2050. The fossil fuels that we use to generate most of that energy contribute to global warming, making it vital that we develop renewable energy.

Fortunately, nature still has lessons to teach us. The process of photosynthesis, in which plants turn the sun's energy into fuel, has been optimized over billions of years of evolution. Now, CIFAR's Bio-inspired Solar Energy program is applying these lessons to create better ways of harvesting, transporting and storing light energy.

Join us for a presentation and fireside chat with CIFAR fellow and physical chemist Dr. Gabriela Schlau-Cohen for a fascinating look at how experts are working together at CIFAR to identify new technologies that will feed the world's endless demand for energy while reducing harmful emissions that contribute to climate change.

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  • Gabriela Schlau-Cohen, Associate Program Director of CIFAR Bio-Inspired Solar Energy program, and Associate Professor of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Jocelyne Voisin, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy Branch, Health Canada


Drew Leyburne, Assistant Deputy Minister, Energy Technology Sector, Natural Resources Canada

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