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Canada at the Cutting Edge of Innovation: Transforming Carbon into Useful Products


Reducing society's dependence on products derived from fossil fuels and lowering the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere resulting from decades of related industrial activity are two of the biggest challenges facing science and humanity today.

As part of the Canada at the Cutting Edge of Innovation Series, this forward-looking event offers insights into the early-stage research being led within Canada that might one day allow scientists to convert atmospheric CO2 into a wide range of chemicals needed for everyday products.

Join this event featuring Dr. Eva Nichols, a member of CIFAR's Bio-Inspired Solar Energy program, to learn about her research and its potential for developing sustainable generations of useful everyday chemicals, and about the technological advancements that have made this type of fundamental research possible.

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Eva Nichols, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, and CIFAR Fellow, Bio-Inspired Solar Energy Program


Drew Leyburne, Assistant Deputy Minister, Energy Efficiency and Technology Sector, Natural Resources Canada

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